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This Might Be it


This Might Be It


Theatre N16, 2016

Take your average day. Now another. And another, then keep going. Stop. Look. How many of these days look lonely? How often does that happen? Often? You're not alone (well, you are).


Last year, when we were feeling a bit lonely, we decided to make a show about it.

THIS MIGHT BE IT debuts at Theatre N16 in Balham – our way to start a conversation and confront loneliness together. We want to make it okay to talk about loneliness.​


Vantage Point Theatre is a collective of performers and artists from around the world, devising daring theatre about the wider picture. Collaborative curiosity is at the heart of our group. Everyone at Vantage Point has equal ownership over the work: we believe in a theatre that grapples with our shared experience of life. Our team trained at Central and RADA, and have worked with leading companies including Complicité, Frantic Assembly, and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

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The debut of an exciting new theatre company! 

Everything Theatre

Explores the questions that lie at the core of feeling isolated and makes light of our collective social anxiety... a liberating piece of theatre to watch  

The Saving Graces

Vantage Point wishes to go deeper and to touch the artistic world in a profound way. On this evidence, I am confident they will do so. 

Everything Theatre

A great starting point for frank dialogue.

Female Arts



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