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What am I doing right now...


Actors hate this question
"What are you up to at the moment?"

We also hate asking it to fellow actors, but it's just so reflexive we can't help but blurt it out ourselves. So I thought I'd take some of the pain away but calling out what I'm doing right this second, whether it be big, small, important, indifferent. 

Here's what I'm up to right now...

Last updated:
1st July 2024 at 12:20


Before I left the flat I lived in for 8ish years, I recorded and filmed a series of songs all in my room.

It was a mammoth task, and I'm currently wading through tonnes and tonnes of footage in the edit. 
In an effort to motivate myself further, I posted about the project yesterday on my socials, so now I have some accountability to release the film later this year....


I'm aiming to hit 1000 on my Youtube channel before I release the full project. 
Follow this link to subscribe and help the release of 'Before I Go"


Occasionally & sporadically I send out the odd email letting people know where 

I am performing/gigging/running workshops. 

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