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Jacksons Lane, 2014

Gravity shapes us. From birth to death, what bodies can do is bound by what they weigh. Things fall, softly or heavily, constantly or all at once. Some things are too heavy to carry or to lift. Some things carry us.

Loaded combines an evocative original soundscape with texts ranging from ancient literature to modern science. Its eight performers use planks, sandbags as well as each other to explore how bodies and structures learn to bear loads – or fall apart. Violent, lyrical and funny, Loaded is a startling new show about the mechanics of weight and what happens when we face the limits of our strength.

Directed by Sinéad and choreographed by Vicki Manderson (National Theatre of Scotland) and Neil Bettles (Frantic Assembly), Loaded boasts a dynamic young international cast and creative team who hail from Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy as well as the UK.

Director: Sinead Rushe

Choreography: Vicki Manderson  & Neil Bettles
Producer: Steph Connell
Design: Rosie Elnile
Sound design: Alexandre Kosanke
Lighting design: Colin Grenfell
Stage management & production: Caitlin O’Reilly
Aerial consultant: Drew Hewett at Fantastico


Photos & BTS


Theatre at its innovative, exuberant best  

The Independent

Exquisite, ironic and sharply engaging theatre

The Evening Standard

An exhilarating work of art


Funny, absurd and exotic

The Guardian

A bold and intelligent delight

Evening Standard

Hugely evocative

Time Out

Meticulously crafted 


Beautifully performed 



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