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Brief Encounter
 Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 2023


Respectable housewife Laura and idealistic doctor Alec meet by chance at a railway station. Although they are both already married, they continue to meet every Thursday in the station café. Their friendship soon develops into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love.

As they come to realise that their love is impossible, they must deal with the torment that comes from a love doomed never to find fulfilment.

Get ready to be transported to another time, another place by this delightful and joyful adaptation of a true classic romance.


Matthew Churcher

Joseph Tweedale

Keith Macpherson

Kirsty Stuart

Kristin Weichen Wong

Matthew Trevannion

Rachael McAllister

Creative Team


Adatped by Emma Rice from the screenplay

'Brief Encounter' based on the original stage play 'Still Life' by Noël Coward.

Original Music composed by Stu Barker

Director: Elizabeth Newmam

Set Designer: Jen McGinley

Lighting Designer: Jeanine Byrne

Costume Designer: Julie Carlin

Musical Director: Richard Reeday

Sound Designer: Toby McFarlane

Movement Director: Lesley Hutchison

Stage Manager: Katy Nicolson

DSM: Chariya Glasse-Davies

ASM: Nele Haehnsen

Sound No.1: Hugh Barbour



"Newman's beautifully turned out production taps into a world where loyalty and fidelity trumps a last gasp stand at passion."



"Expands on the intimacy of the film"







"Newman captures the subtlety and purity of Rice's adaptation."


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