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Peak Stuff
 UK tour, 2024


​​"I like having things. I like having lots of things. It reminds me that I'm... Y'know? A person."

Alice is done with fast fashion.

Ben can't stop buying trainers.

And Charlie just wants to sell organ at a time.

In an age of retail therapy, climate crisis and click and collect - how does our 'stuff' define us? And have we reached peak stuff?

Award-winning theatre company, ThickSkin, have teamed up with the writing talents of Billie Collins (Too Much World at Once and BBC's Malory Towers) to produce one of the most visually thrilling and inventive shows you will see this year.

Using live drumming and spectacular video design, this is a timely show for anyone who has ever made an ill-fated impulsive purchase!  Directed by ThickSkin’s Neil Bettles (How Not To Drown, Frantic Assembly’s The Unreturning and Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks), Peak Stuff is a tale for modern times.


Matthew Churcher

Meg Lewis

Creative Team


Playwright: Billie Collins

Director/Co-Composer: Neil Bettles

Co-Composer: Matthew Churcher

Designer: Neil Bettles

Lighting Designer: Charly Dunford

Video Designer: TripleDotMakers

Associate Director: Hetty Hodgson

Administrator: Abi Beaven

Sound Associate: Hannah Bracegirdle

Lighting & Video Engineer: Sam Marshall

Content Creator: Serden Salih

Executive Producer: Laura Mallows

General Manager: George Soave

Production Manager: Tom Robbins

Touring Production Manager: Helen Morris


'Truly Stunning' 

The Scotsman on How Not To Drown

'Manchester-based theatre mavericks'

 Creative Tourist

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