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60 Hugs

Frantic Assembly, 2011


Ignition is Frantic Assembly's free, national training programme for young men aged 16-20.

The programme seeks out talent in unexpected places, from sports groups to youth centres and is committed to helping young men find their individual and collective strength. We want to bring together a dynamic group from across the UK with different backgrounds, skills and stories. 


12 of the brightest and bravest young men are selected to form the Ignition Company. We bring them to London to live and work together for 7 days to create an original performance with Frantic Assembly Directors.

60 Hugs looked at masculinity and fragility, the emotions we feel or feel we are allowed to express within society. 


Jack Nelson

Kyle Taylor
Lewis Steven Griffin
Luke Addison

Matthew Churcher

Rocc McCall

Sam Perry

Sean Wall

Sebastian Charles

Shyam Savani
Sunny Savani

Simon Webster 

Co-Director - Neil Bettles
Co-Director - Naomi Said

General Manager - Laura Sutton

Peer Mentor - Jonnie Riordan 


What is Ignition?

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