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Mob Wife

Cockpit Theatre, 2019

Debra Delbono, a mob wife in the 1970’s, longs for the life she once had.

A time when her husband, Tony, thought more about her and less about the stresses of being the Captain of the Staten Island Mafia.


Through a series of mishaps, miscommunications and near-fatal misunderstandings, the two finally rekindle their love - Now, they just need to stay alive long enough to enjoy it.

Matthew Churcher

Duncan Burt

Alex Wadam

Sarah Pavolvs

Matt Bond

Ashleigh Edwards

Dru Stephenson
James Edge

 Daniel Nicholas

Paul Large

Book: Corey Skaggs

Music & Lyrics: Michael Mott

Director: Harry Blumenau

Musical Director: Dan Tomkinson 

Producer: Sarah Pavolvs


Photos & BTS


'definitely a piece with potential, I await the next incarnation of this show with interest.'

Musical Theatre Review

'...laugh out loud and memorable...'

London​ Theatre Review

'a frenetic, knockabout comedy'

Spy in the Stalls

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